Skullcandy teams up with visual artist Meka for a stunning video portrait

Headphones are a staple in any creative space: how else can you isolate yourself, put yourself in the mood and stay energized when you're creating? Here, at Slasher HQ, we've been through a few brands already. But there's one pair that has stayed special for us over the last 7 years: an old Skullcandy collaboration with Santa Cruz, doning Jim Phillips' iconic Screaming Hand on each ear. 

That's one of the things that we've come to love Skullcandy for: their ability to source outstanding creatives and featuring them on high-quality collaborations. Case in point: their current line of products with Eric Koston, whicht we're head-over-heels in love with.

So when Skullcandy approached Meka, our Creative Director, about doing a video portrait on his creative process for their #StayLoud campaign (and flying in an insanely talented team of 10 from New York and Toronto to do so), we were a tiny bit excited. For that project, Skullcandy and their agency enlisted production company Common Good, which among other projects directed this campaign for A$ap Rocky's Adidas Originals line. Not too shabby.

The result has just gone up live on Skullcandy's website, and it is wonderful. In this beautiful video showcasing iconic places in Montreal, you'll get to take a peek at Meka hanging out in punk rock record stores, riding his trusty Harley Davidson and of course designing on various mediums, all the while talking about his inspirations and his philosophy.

To get to know Meka more, check out Skullcandy's blog, where they did a more in-depth interview with him. And keep checking, because there will be more exciting news in the near future!

Skullcandy x Meka
Skullcandy x Meka

Image credit: Courtesy of Skullcandy