The free Chrome Extension that curbed my procrastination


Have you seen this meme recently that states there are two kinds of people - the ones with their iPhone Mail icon flashing an obscene number of unread mail, and the others with everything in control at all times? Well, I’m the first type.

Unfortunately, it denotes a strong tendency to procrastinate, otherwise I wouldn’t keep all those pesky unread emails, which are all newsletters anyway - I’m not that popular, you guys. Another sign? I have 647 tabs open on my browser at all times, and I can’t even tell what they are anymore, as they’ve been reduced to their initial on my overcrowded toolbar. I think there’s a Bret Easton Ellis podcast there somewhere? Who knows.

Truth is, usually, when I open a new tab mid-task, I’m looking for an escape. Work is hard, and I need a little soothing. … What’s happening on Buzzfeed? And if Fashionista or Facebook is set up as my default page, even in times when I’m not trying to virtually run away from my work, let me tell you I’m going to. I’ll read the shit out of them.


So if you’re anything like me - Stop it. right now.

Enter Momentum. I was initially drawn to this Chrome extension because it’s absolutely stunning and I loved how it looked on my iMac - that’s how superficial I am. But as it turns out, it does a lot in keeping my procrastination in check.


Here’s what it does: whenever you open a tab, Momentum appears, displaying a breathtaking landscape shot accompanied by an positive quote. Instant inspiration. Then comes accountability, which comes in the form of to-do list management, and my favorite feature, « Focus », which allows you to define what’s your main objective for the day, and displays it front and center.

Momentum is that friend who calls you out on your bullshit when you’re about to fuck up, and sits you down to give you a pep talk. It’s the Will Schuester of browser extensions, without the weird relationship with teenagers. 


After a month of using Momentum, setting it up for the day has become a ritual, and one that I look forward to. Every morning, I sit at my desk with a latte in tow, take a deep breath, and set my intentions for the day. This way, whenever I open a tab looking for an escape, I’m reminded of what I’ve done so far, and more importantly, where I’m working so hard to go to. Now that can go both ways: sometimes I give myself a high-five, sometimes I just want to cry in my trail mix. But you know what, the outcome is entirely up to you.